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If you have a class idea that focuses of self reliance, community, do-it-yourself culture, resistance, and creating a new and beautiful world, propose it to us!

Here is how it works: Fill out a class registration form BELOW or e-mail for a hard copy that can be dropped off at one of our locations. Then your class will be put on the Calendar along with other free school classes. Teachers are encouraged to advertise their classes and participate in the process (i.e. make special/separate fliers for your specific project, advertise to special interest groups that might be exceptionally curious about your project, etc). The Free School class you facilitate will be as functional and diverse as you want to make it. The event will be in distributed calendars and online, but self promotion always helps!

Description: please keep it short and sweet. You choose how you want to teach your classes. We seek classes that are open to all people regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, class, background, identity, etc. Classes that seek to create a safer space in which there is a dialogue that could not otherwise happen are an exception to this principle (i.e. women’s circle might make more sense to include only female, intersex and trans* folks).

Scheduling: you choose what how often (every other day, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.) and times fit your schedule. It might be helpful to check the calendar to see if you overlap with other classes.

Teaching Spaces: we encourage teachers to find their own spaces for their classes, but if you need it, we can help you find a location. Check the TIPS/SUGGESTIONS page or with a Free School organizer for great venue suggestions all around town!


If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns about instructing or want to be part of the organizing Free School group, please contact us!

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  1. steven dewey permalink
    July 22, 2011 9:48 am

    just getting ready to contact you all when i saw email- this is steve dewey and yes i would like to get these lil happenings going and if there is interest and turn out, i may fill in some more dates- and remember if there are any conflicts i am very flexible with changing dates i just have to take off work.Bring soundmakers or whatever crazy creative playtoys or inventions you want to the park if you can make it, and i am going to try to make it to an event over your way soon-keep me posted-thanks oh yeah and if you need to shorten the title for the schedule just call it We are Gathering


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