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How do teachers get students to classes?  Personal invites are the very best way to get people to your class. Chat with folks you either know or meet and follow through with them if they show interest.  The more people hear about something in more ways the more likely somebody is to go to something. 

Other ways you can outreach for your class include…

Online Outreach…

Physical Outreach…

  • Fliers (check out our templates below and the route of good places to flier!)
  • Tell your friends!
  • Chalking (on CSU campus and select old town areas)

What we do…

  • Promote your class on the wordpress Calendar, uproot and FCCAN email list
  • In the past, we had a bi-monthly Free School Calendar, if this starts getting utilized we might want to start the paper calendar up again.

Free School Fliers for your Individual Class

here are a few templates you can fill out with you class information and make copies of for you individual class. There are 3 different font styles, as well as full and half sheet options:

Template 1: typewriter style

Template 1: typewriter style half sheet

Template 2: school kid style

Template 2: school kid style half sheet

Template 3: cool school style

Template 3: cool school style half sheet

The link below is a short list of good places to flier for your class. Most of these places will have the full free school calendar up, but if your wanting to spotlight your class, think about throwin a half sheet up near it. Why not?!

Fliering Spots

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